litter born!

The litter of Just Add Water Lake Victoria, Philou and Miles is born. Three boys and two girls, all are placed.
Because our HP is replaced at our host, we no longer can make use of it. There will come a new HP in a short while.
We will place our updates FB.

Philou is a cheerful energetic lady
she does everything in life with great speed.
She is very easy going and likes work and other activities!
This is her second litter, she enjoyed her previous puppies tremendously, is a loving and caring mother. We have chosen Miles for her, Multi Ch Almanza. Get A Grip.


Born in Sweden and living in Switzerland. Over the years we have met and admired him.
He has grown into a beautiful breed example with much ' will to please '.
We believe that they fit well together.


Multi Ch. Almanza Get A Grip

Ch. Almanza Burberry Goodiebag

Montegrino Military Man

Ch. Almanza Bag Of Tricks

Ch. Almanza Makes The World Go Round

Almanza Coconut Cracker

Ch.Almanza Make A Wish

Just Add Water Lake Victoria

Ch. Wagging Tails Rolf Muntz

Ch. Serilde Qualcosadatenere

Jch. Wagging Tails Pinhigh

Ch. Wagging Tails River Dee

Ch. Flat Castle's Olympic Torch

Wagging Tails Fairway

The puppies are born in our living room.
They will be well socialized, go with us to the forest and also make a ride in the car.
Also we let them get know to the sound of the whistle.

This litter meets the breeding requirements of the FRC.

11 may 2018

Past Tuesday we got green light to drive of to Switzerland to meet Miles and has Philou been mated. Now fingers crossed for a lovely litter. We had some wonderful days, had a lovely guesthouse were dogs were very welcome. Behind the guesthouse there was a nature reserve were we could walk and we made a trip over the Bodensee and did some side seeing and visit Konstanz.
Many tanks to Nel for her accompany and to Yasmina and Andrea for their help and hospitality and of cause a big hug for the lovely Miles <3

22 april 2018

Philou came in season. Exciting times!

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Sunday morning July 30 was the temperature drop, then you know that birth will start within 24 hours.
She was relaxed all day long, slept very much.
In the evening she became more restless and during the night some restlessness. Monday morning also a bit of restlessness that later became stronger and around 12.30 the water broke and the labor came.
The first puppy, puppy blue was born at 12.52

first born

followed by his sister, puppy rose at 13.55.
Puppy green, a male, came at 14.42 and pup brown, also a male, arrived at 14.56. At 15.10, pup was beige, also a male and puppy yellow, a bitch, appeared at 15.30.
At 16.00, puppy orange, a bitch and a 16.22 puppy purple also a bitch.

miss purple

Then puppy came red, a male at 17.34 and at 18.07 a bitch came to with the color lime.
Then we had to wait a while, we had counted 11 on the scan, but that does not always mean that there will be 11 too.
After two hours we cleaned, she was so relaxed that we thought she was ready. We eat and went to Fleur to drink our coffee when I saw that she started to squeeze again and our puppy white was born, a female at 21.04u
Fleur was super relaxed! It went very smoothly and her biggest friend was there to support her too. Our grandson, he is five, who stayed here; he and she have a very special band and he has also experienced the whole birth where he gave Fleur encouraging and provided hugs.

Yves with his Fleur

He loved it !!

more photos

27 july 2017

Not long now, in a view days the puppies will arrive!
Fleur is doing great, still eating and she loves to come with our walks. We make it not to long for her.
Of cause we made photos of her.
This was last Monday

day 55

and this one from Wednesday

day 57

She is growing fast now!!

18 july 2017

Fleur is 7 weeks pregnant and is doing quite well!
Enjoying her walks and we can see her grow.

48 days pregnant

She loves her food!!! and enjoying the extras :-)
We felt the puppies for the first time! always so special.
Everything is ready to welcome the puppies when its time.

07 july 2017

Fleur is doing great! we can see her belly is growing :-)

If we stand up she is.... you never know maybe there is something to eat again ;-)

29 june 2017

Fleur is pregnant!! Yesterday we had the scan and yes we could see puppies :-)

three together

I wasn't convinced before we went there, with her previous litter she was nauseous and tired but now she has nothing of that.
Good for her of cause but I was very tensed if we would see something in there. Luckily we could see immediately she was pregnant.
We will place an update regularly.

05 june 2017

Leviz aand Fleur have met several times.
Think it was love at first side ;-)

Hopefully we can welcome puppies at the beginning of August.

29 may 2017

Progesterone is 5.6 today, this means Fleur has her ovulation.
Advice of the vet, to mate tomorrow evening.
So start to travel this night.

26 may 2017

First progesterone test today, as to be expected still low 1.3
Monday we test again.

19 may 2017

Fleur came in season today, we can start planning.
Of cause it all depends on the level of her progesterone.

01 october 2016

Previous litter

on 14th of jan. 2016 the litter of Just Add Water Lake Victoria (Philou) and Ch. Diamante Blu Imperio (Imperio) was born.

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14 january 2016

The puppies arrived!!

I'm a bit ill so more tomorrow

10 january 2016

Philou is growing fast. She finds it rather tough now, she even has enough of het best friend Luke today when he wanted to play with her ;-)

Embryo at 60 days

08 january 2016

Philou is 55 days pregnant, she is calm but is doing well.

The puppies look like this in her belly :-)

06 january 2016

Measured Philou again, she is growing!
10 cm on the ribs, 13 cm behind ribs and 12 cm in the loin ;)

05 january 2016

Yesterday we could feel the puppies move :-)

03 january 2016

Philou is doing really wel.
Loves het walks although she is taking it a bit slower.

At home she is sleeping a lot, except when she hears we are preparing food ;-)

Embryo 39 days old:

23 december 2015

Philou is well and her belly is growing! She is now 5,5 weeks pregnant.
I have measured her after the mating and now again.
She has grown! round the ribs 5 cm, behind the ribs 6 cm and 6 cm in the loin. Saturday she will be 6 weeks along and we will make a picture of her ;-)

In the fifth week of the pregnancy puppies look like this...

Embryo 5 weeks old

14 december 2015

Today we went for the scan and Yes Philou is in Whelp!!

around the 15th of January puppies in the hous :-)

So very happy and we can't wait for the little ones ;-)

This is how the puppy looks in this period of the pregnancy:

embryo in the 4th week

10 december 2015

All is well with Philou. Ze is slower in everything but doesn't seem buthered by her pregnatie. Loves her food! but she always does ;-)
For monday the 14th of dec.we made the appointment for the scan. Exciting!

16 november 2015

Friday the progesteron showed we had to go to Italy. On 14.00u I drove to Eindhoven to collect Nel and Farah and we were on 2.30u in Pavia. Saturday it was Philou's first date with Imperio and on sunday we went again. Now we have to wait and if all goes we can welcome puppies around 15 january.

12 november 2015

Philou takes her's climbing but still not enough so we test again tomorrow!

11 november 2015

Today we tested progesteron again, its climbing but is still to low. Tomorrow we test again.

09 november 2015

We went for the progesteron test today and its still low at 1,9. I think she is just like her mum and takes her time ;) We will test again on wednesday.

30 october 2015

Philou came in season. In about a day or ten we leave to Italie to unite her with Imperio. Exciting!!

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06 march 2015

All goes well with Fleur and het puppies. She is taking good care of them and she loves her babies. You can see her enjoy and it seems she is laughing all day

They are real huggers ;-)

Its mostly eating and sleeping and also on their back of course

with a full tummy bulging

bekijk de beelden

05 march 2015

thursdaymorning her temp.dropped, at 9.30 she started labor. On Wednesday morning 3.00 she started to push, the first boy was born on 3.24, the last one, also a boy at 10.31

the last born boy

Order of birth: 3.24 a boy, 4.14 a boy, 4.39 a girl, 5.27 a boy, 6.09 a boy, 7.12 a boy, 8.18 a girl, 8.41 a boy, 9.38 a boy, 9.46 a girl, 10.31 a boy.
Fleur was relaxed and did so well, very proud of her!
She loves her babies

26 february 2015

Embryo at 60 days

21 february 2015

Fleur is so touchingly, she comes to cuddle more and more and sometimes she makes the mistake to want to jump from heights.....that is something she cannot anymore.
She like to lay in the kitchen close by the food ;-)

fat belly

Still not be able to weigh her, the flue went over in
pneumonia. Hope it will be better soon!

14 february 2015

Fleur is fine! I planned to go to the vet with het to see what het weight would be, but the flue hit on me so it was in bed for me instead...
Fleur comes to cuddle with me and on one of these times I could feel the puppies move for the first time! Always such a happy and special moment :-)

Embryo 39 days old:

07 february 2015

Fleur is 5 weeks pregnant, we see she is growing.
She eats but still has some nausea.
she is happy and likes to cuddle more and more ;-)

In the fifth week of the pregnancy puppies look like this...

Embryo 5 weeks old

Fleur starts her 6th week now.

30 january 2015

Today we went for the scan.
And although the signs were there, now we have proof Fleur is pregnant!!

So very happy and we can't wait for the little ones ;-)

This is how the puppy looks in this period of the pregnancy:

embryo in the 4th week

05 january 2015

Fleur had been mated!

Fleur and Igor had several meeting ;-)
If all goes well we welcome the puppies round 4th of march!!

22 december 2014

Fleur is loops!

finally Fleur is in season!
whitin a day or 10 she can meet her lover Igor ;-)