Puppies Born

15 June 2010 puppies born of our first litter out of:
Ch.Wagging Tails Rolf Muntz (Joep) x Ch.Wagging Tails River Dee (Flair)

9 puppies; 2 boys and 7 girls.
Here belowe their expierences...

05 march 2011

Sjors and Roos both went to the Martini Dogshow and with good results!
For Roos and Eline it was the first time to participate and Eline did a good job showing Roos!
They went 1VP! Well done!
It was the third time for Sjors in Puppy class and he went 1VP and BOB puppy!
Later he went for the challenge for best puppy in show
he was not chosen, but that was ok; we were so proud already ;-))

the proud breeder ;-)

Three grandchildren of Joep: Tropical Dream of Cheerful Tails and A Wonderful Dream of Cheerful Tails got good results.
They both went 2 VP.
Congratulations Karla with your beauties!

Also: Flat Castle's Be A Special Blue Ocean got a 2EX!
Congratulations Len!

23 february 2011

We enjoy the presents of River very much. She is so sweet! Yesterday she and her brother Sjors and daddy Joep went for a visit to sister Roos in Bergen.
What a lovely day we had, thank you so much Eline and Roos looks so like Sjors :-).

Joep, Roos, River en Sjors

Sjors, River Roos en Joep

Of cause we went for a walk on the beach and......the dogs immediately run in the sea ;-)

all four

Joep with his kids

20 february 2011

more photos of River today.

run River

River; Just Add Water River Of Souls

14 january 2011

Pauline send us photos of Jack and his girl-friend Dana;-)
Jack is doing great and is growing into a beautiful boy!

Jack and Dana

Thank you Pauline and have fun with Jack and Dana.

06 december 2010

Latest update from Luna; Just Add Water River of Freedom.
she is doing really well and went with her family to Spain for the holiday.

Luna in Spain

She also loves to go to work with Mirjam and she loves to lay on the sofa which is in the atelier ;-)

In and round home she is enjoying herself and she is quite fond of her friend David :-)

Luna and David

Many thanks Mirjam for the latest news!

09 november 2010

Today we've got this beautiful postcard from Cato and her owners.
Isn't she lovely :-)

postcard from Cato

Thank you Carolien and have fun with your lovely girl!

31 october 2010

It was wonderful to see the puppies and their owners again ;-)
Two puppies and owners were on holiday, so they could not be there.
Eline invited us all to let the puppies see the sea and all of them liked it very much!
It was a happy reunion and all doggies played on the beach and in the sea.
So good to hear, and see, all puppies are doing well and everyone is so happy with their pup.
The weather was clouded but by seeing the happy doggies who needs the sun!

puppies at the sea

After all the play we went home with Udo and Eline, were Eline made a wonderful lunch and we all eat and listen to the stories of each other. For all doggies there were treats to!

the buffet

What a wonderful day! Udo and Eline thank you so much for the coffee and cake to start with and the lovely lunch and treats and the warm hospitality.

more photo?s

03 october 2010

What a great time we have with Roos here!
Not only we but all dogs enjoy here presents.....
Thursday Roos is going back to her owners Udo and Eline, who have missed her.
Of cause we took her with us everywhere, a view times she went with Sjors to puppy class. Big fun!!
Walking with all doggies she found it marvelous, today she was the first one in the car...haha
For a view times she went with us when we went practicing with big (half)brother Luke. She liked it all.
She likes water but no swimming, but that will be all right.


do you want to?

trying ;-)

From all the activities you got very tired.....;-)

between daddy and mammy


with mammy

with daddy

It was wonderful to have her with us!!

24 september 2010

Roos is staying with us for fourteen days. She has been for a week now and I must say she is a lovely little girl. She totally fits in the pack and ?big pup? Luke is her favorite and mummy Flair still wants to take care of her. But her biggest friend is her brother Sjors. She shares everything with him, they drink together
and she likes to be together in the kennel

Roos and Sjors
and they like to play all day!
We put the kennel up again to give Roos a place to rest, because she thinks she doesn?t with all those nice doggies around ;-) There is always one who wants to play ;-)
She likes to sleep in it, alone or with one of the others.

Roos and Luke

Funny to see all the other dogs like to be in it as well, I have to send them out on regular basis to let Roos in :-)
One week and Roos will go home again, and we have to get used she is not around us anymore, but luckily we have Sjors around :-)

16 september 2010

Pauline and Jack; Just Add Water the River of Dreams, came to visit today.
I see jack regular, when he comes with his friend Dana to the Gundog training, but so cozy here at home is really fun!
He is adorable :-) Together with Sjors, who was with us today, he had a nice play.
They are lovely the boys :-)

the brothers

Thank you Pauline for your visit.

11 september 2010

Cato went with her friend Wouter to school!! How lovely is that!
Wouter told about the Flatcoated Retriever and Cato came along and enjoyed the special attention from all kids very much :-)
How nice!

Cato at school

Thank you Carolien.

10 september 2010

Marie-Louise mailed us these beautiful pictures of Roos

Just Add Water River of Lullaby

Roos and her dear friend Lynn and family went sailing.
She enjoyed the boat and water very much!

Roos and Lynn

Thanks for the pictures!

04 september 2010

Sjors and Jack had their first puppy training today.
The two brothers train at the same school, isn't that swell!!
They both did well :-)

Sjors puppy training

Jack puppy training

So keep up the good work boys and Ashley and Pauline!

From Luna (Just Add Water River of Time) we've got a message. How nice!
She is doing great and has a really nice seat ;-))

Luna, wild life ;-)

Thanks Paul for the pictures and update!

01 september 2010

Roos came to visit us!

Yesterday Roos came and visit us! How nice to see Miss Cyclaam in the flesh again.
She was totally at home and went playing with the whole bunch, but Luke was her favorite :-)
Flair looked very happy to see her little girl again.
Sjors came to see his sister too; they did know each other you could tell!

We also went to the forest with them and Luke.
It was big fun!!

Thank you Eline for your visit, we enjoyed it so much!!

29 august 2010

One of the puppies is a little hero!

Zena, Just Add Water River Roll On, puppy yellow, warned her owner when her boss came to fall when walking her! Zena went home and run back and forwards to the door to warn that her boss was unwell.
Outside Rieke found her husband who was lying on the street.
The little Zena is a hero Rieke told us when she phoned us to tell us about it.
Sjaak is doing better now, thanks to his brave Zena!!
What a marvelous girl!

Zena 6 weeks

Sjors and Roos both had their first experience in the water! Roos in the Sea and Sjors in the Veluwe Lake.
It must be strange for them that the water is coming towards them ;-)

Roos in the Sea

Sjors first time in water

It's wonderful to play on the beach :-)

Sjors with Indy

Roos and Lynn on the beach

26 august 2010

Latest news of Roos!

Roos, Just Add Water River of Lullaby; Miss Cyclaam in the litter, enjoys her live with Udo, Eline and Lynn :-)
Was she the smallest sweetest puppy here, she now is undaunted and goes to invite every dog, big or small, for a play. At home she has big fun with her Labrador friend Lynn, who accompanies her everywhere.
How lovely to hear you have so much pleasure with Roos. only.......those sharp teeth... ;-)

Lynn and Roos

Thank you so much Eline!

23 august 2010

Latest news from Cato and Jack,

Cato goes super, she enjoys being with her new owners.
She is very relaxed and likes everything.
Big fun to play in the sand with the kids :-)
Don't know if the kids always like that she is destroying their sand castle.........hihi

Cato in the sand

Jack is doing super too, is totally at home with his new family.
He can play with his friend Dana who lives with him

Jack and Dana

And after playing he can go to sleep with her! Ah...how sweet.

Jack sleeping with Dana

Thanks Carolien and Pauline.
Wonderful all that good news!!

22 august 2010

Sjors went to the forest today with the whole pack! And he liked it :-)

Sjors in the forest

Running next to mama

Sjors and Mama

And now and again a bit of a rest in his own buggy ;-))

And.....when you got home....you have to sleep, if possible like daddy

sleeping like daddy

From Luna; Just Add Water River of Time we've got good news to. She is very sweet and can walk quite well on the lead :-)
Sniffing around she does like to ;-)

Luna: Just Add Water River of Time

Thanks Paul for the update and photo!

21 august 2010

From River (Just Add Water River of Souls) we've got the latest news.
She did a lot of new things, went in a bus and made a visit in a home with strange dog.
Also she went swimming for the first time.
She walked in the water with a wagging tail and started to swim right away! What a brave girl ;-)))

River swimming

Wet River

Thank you so much Wilma for the update and photos!

17 august 2010

How wonderful to hear good news of the puppies!
Just now we've got a message from Luna (miss turquoise) she is doing great! Her boss and she are enjoying each other and that?s wonderful!
We also received photos, thank you so much!

Just Add Water River of Freedom, Luna


16 august 2010

News from the pups!

Did we get a beautiful card from Cato on Saturday,

Card from Cato

today Carolien wrote us a message how wonderful Cato is doing and that she is goes to sleep in the bench now since she has a surrogate mom ;-)
What a good solution!!
And this is her favorite place in house, silly girl :-)

Cato in fireplace :-)

From Karin we've got a message Shinta is growing well and is doing great! They are very happy with her :-)


Sjors we see a lot, is doing great to and is enjoying live. Yesterday he came to play with Luke to comfort him now all puppies heft left.

Sjors with his duck :-)

Thank you all!

15 august 2010

The last puppy has left the nest.....
She was very lonely this night in the box so we took her upstairs to sleep with us in the bench beside the bed, she fell asleep immediately.
She did had a very comfy sleep with Luke earlier :-)

sleeping with Luke

Today she played a lot with Luke and mama

tiny sip ;-)

playing with mam

And this afternoon; Just Add Water River of Time left with Paul and new her family.

Luna with her family

So...the nest period is closed now......

Empty Nest

But how we enjoyed our sweet and lovely puppies and what will the new owners have fun with them :-)

We want to thank everyone for the warm sympathy and help! Really swell!!!

The nest period may be over now but we hope to hear from them and we definitely will see them again!
And of cause we will place photos of the doggies here.

To be continued!

14 august 2010

The last night with a puppy of Joep and Flair with us in the house......then it's finally over!
Today Sjors came to play with all doggies, but especially with Luke ;-) It's party time with Lukie around ;-))
The girls went in the garden but Ton made the run much smaller so that was strange.....but soon they started to dig holes and went a sleep.

Today Luna left us; Just Add Water River of Freedom and went with David and her new family.

But first they all chewed a bone together, all on the row :-)

Tomorrow the last one is leaving the nest!

Good bye dear Luna, we wish you a very pleasant live to.

13 august 2010

Tomorrow Luna, is leaving us. That will be strange for us again; she is so involved in this pack!
She is having, just like her sister, a jolly good time with the big dogs ;-)

Luke, Indy and Luna

Lukie with Luna

And afterwards she is falling in sleep with Luke...

sleeping on Luke

Sjors came to play with the girls, that was big fun! And if he is been here there is serious floating danger...haha

From Wilma we've got a photo of River, Miss Blue, with the message she is growing well and is enjoying her live!
Thank you Wilma :-)

River; Just Add Water River of Souls

Good bye dear Luna, we wish you a very pleasant live.

more photo?s

12 august 2010

The girls are doing great! They are so sweet and very easy I notice. They play a lot together but they also do things apart. Tonight one was lying in the bench in the puppy room and the other one was in the living.
Now they understand the command Sit, we started with the 'down'. This always need more time, but the beginning is there!
They are bright girls, I can tell ;-)
And...if each of them get something to chew on; we first eat one together and then the other one ;-)))

Well if this no sister love......;-)

11 august 2010

The girls are doing fine, feel comfortable between the big dogs!
But if the boss lady is away we have to go in the box so we can sleep.
They love to go outside with us, and today brother Sjors came to play :-)

We had to walk on the lead.....we don't like that but we have to for a bit..... If we get some reward, we are willing to try ;-))

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10 august 2010

Eight weeks are the puppies today! How time flies.....before they were born you think...boy eight weeks that's long, but it was over before we knew!!!
We have big fun with the girls who stayed with us; they are totally involved in the family. Especially Luke they love

with Luke
but the other dogs are ok too!

with uncle Indy

And we started a bit of training ;-)
The girls know the command 'sit' already, clever girls ;-)


We take them out for a little walk now to pee and pooh and they love to chase one and other
The lead, that's a bit of a problem....we have to work on that ;-)))

more photo?s

09 august 2010

Last night the puppies missed the others who left us. Sjors went to sleep, he was very tired, but the girls good not sleep so I stayed with them for a while and rubbed there belly's till they fall asleep.
Today they played a lot and we have them around us constantly now and they like to lie beside us :-)

We made the puppy-run outside smaller; Sjors need to take a part home!
But they don't seem to mind, the girls love the little house ;-)

Miss Turquoise

Just Add Water Dog River Blues left us tonight and went home with Jeannette, Frank, Ashley and Jorrit.

Sjors and his family

We could almost see him walk home ;-)

look at him go!

From the other puppies, who left us, we here good things :-)

more photo?s

08 august 2010

Today another three dog will leave...but first we play a lot and a view had fun with water outside!!

water is fun!

There was some disagreement about who would clean the terrace ;-)))

clean team ;-)

First to leave was;
Just Add Water River Roll On, she went with Rieke and Sjaak

Zena with Rieke and Sjaak

Just Add Water the River of Dreams went with Pauline and her Family

Jack and his new family

Just Add Water River of Lullaby went with Eline and Udo

Roos with Eline and Udo

We could see how happy everyone is with his puppy, and that feels so good!
De puppies were with us in the living for the most of the day, and they love it ;-)
Now and again we have to look were they all are and....there is one under the table again ;-)

Luna, miss lime

Wonderful those little doggies around us!

Tomorrow one is leaving us, but he will live close by so we can cuddle him quite often :-)
The two girls will stay with us for another week. WONDERFUL!

Good bye dear Sjors, a very pleasant live for you to!

more photo?s

07 august 2010

The first three have left us and boy that was a bit hard for me......but we saw how happy everyone was with his puppy and that made everything just fine!
Just Add Water River of No Return went with Karin and her Fam.

Shinta's new family
Just Add Water River of Souls went with Bob and his Fam.

River with her family
Just Add Water River of Love went with Caroline and het Fam.

Cato with her family
Flair seems to be ok but the rest of the litter were upset and were screaming so I had a lay down with them and then they went a sleep for several hours

Roos in the bench

Now they are in the living....they love being here and are having a party!!

party in the living

Jack and Sjors found the water bowl and have their own party ;-))

Jack in the water bowl

What a great doggies they are!
Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to three puppies again...... but tonight we still can enjoy them ;-))

And....we don't really have to miss Cato, Wouter and Tijmen made our own little Cato!! Thank you so much boys, SUPER!

Cato ;-)

And everyone thanks for the lovely presents.

Goodbye dear Jack, Zena and Roos, we wish you a very pleasant live!

more photo?s

06 august 2010

The last night with all the puppies in the house.
It will be strange when the three puppies leave tomorrow, but it's good for them they need to explore!
It will be strange for them to, but they will adjust soon.
This morning, afternoon and evening visitors came to say goodbye, and Mam and Luke played for several times with the puppies.

Flair with her kids!

Marianne had to cuddle us and came in the box.....

Of cause we know we have clever puppies, but we do have our own fly brigade to!!!!

the fly brigade ;-)

And.....we have our one house for now in the tent....

Good bye dear Cato, River and Shinta, we wish you a very pleasant live!

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05 august 2010

How nice to see our doggies work!!
They all wanted to apport!
The one more secure as the other, but never the less, the all showed working abilities and that they were not afraid for strange noises and the strange surrounding, we are so proud of our little ones :-)
They all showed the game was very interesting, the brought wings of duck, pheasant, dove and also rabbit fur!

Jack with apport!

Shinta with rabbit-fur!

Super!! They all showed the passion to work, like Flatcoated Retrievers are supposed to!
We hope you all will do something with these doggies??
The test confirmed we placed the right puppy by the right people, so that?s good.
All and all a very good day, with very good doggies ;-))

more photo?s

04 august 2010

What an event for the little doggies, but they did well!
First they had to pee and then in the big bench in the car, they did not seem to mind at all.

Some were whining but that was for a short while.
We took the puppies to the Soester dunes, a drive of 10/15 minutes. When we arrived we took them to the sand and it was party time!!
There was running and digging and other people and dogs, they loved it!!!

We took Flair to but she was not to happy whit the other dogs who came to meet her children so we had to take her on the lead.
I understand Flairtje....all those strange dogs with your kids....
We've been there for half an hour; they were quite tired by then.
On the way back only one was giving noise but soon she went quite and they fell a sleep.
When we got home all went sleeping instantly ;-)

We are very proud of our little black noses ;-)

Deb, Nicole, Jeannette and Ashley thank you so much for all help!

Tomorrow another exciting day for the puppies, the puppy test!

more photo?s

03 august 2010

So much fun! The puppies of Indy?s litter came to visit us today! What a cuties :-), the boy looks very much like our Indy

Indy's Boy
and the girls look lovely to!

Indy's little girl

How wonderful to have them here to visit.
The whole bunch intergraded in our puppen colony, there were all of a sudden 13 puppies; 9 of, today, 7 weeks and 4 of 4,5 weeks?.!!
The puppies did not seem to mind there were in a totally other litter, how marvelous!!!
Luna, the mammy of those puppies came along and a view of ?our? puppies took some of her milk?.haha?so sweet!
Flair went along with Ton since she is very defended with her children and we did not want any trouble. When she came home she carefully sniffed the place and then laid down with her kids to play with them ;-)

Thank you Anne for taking the children of our Inneman to visit us :-)

Tomorrow another exciting day; we take the puppies for their first car drive and a visit to the forest.

more photo?s

02 august 2010

It was a rainy day so they had to stay in, they didn't seem to mind and mama came to play with them for several times...

They got something new to chew on in case they got bored!

We can lay in the most curious ways ;-)

This is so much better ;-)

more comfertable ;-)

And when we think it?s time to eat we wait behind the fence :-)

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01 august 2010

Last night the pups were still very lively when we did them to ?bed?, but it was already very late and we also liked to go to bed. They were protesting and we heard they were very busy! After 15 min. I went to look what they were doing at the top of the stairs. Well? in no time they were rebuilding their room, newspapers were fragmented and they turned the room up site down! Had to laugh though, and should have taken photos. In about 15 later all was quiet?..
This evening it all went much more quietly and they went to sleep soon after they first had dessert from mama

dessert from mama

Today more puppy visits, one more time before they take their puppy home next weekend, how exciting!
Melissa, Deb and Harm came to play with the puppies again before they all leave to their new owners....

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31 july 2010

It were busy days, a lot of future pup owner came back from holiday and liked to meet their puppy again. We find it wonderful, but I did not found time to write on the website ;-)
The pups do wonderful and grow fast. They have been looked at by different persons who know the breed, and they find the litter beautiful. Well that's super, and thanks to all!
Graads and Hanneke did want to take one with them and put it in the bag of the rollator to take home :-)))

The pups don?t mind if they are put on the terrace table or the trim table. They can play afterwards and that's fine by them :-)
From playing you get tired and we fall asleep instantly!

The vacuum cleaner we find very interesting, we need to know more about it :-)

And we don?t want to go to sleep in our place after eating, we want to lay behind the little fence!!

more photo?s

29 july 2010

The little ones broke out in the garden! I saw a pup on the terrace!! Immediately look for the gang and put them in the ren and made it puppy proof again ;-))
We let the puppies run through the house by two, so we can take an eye on them....and they always find a dog!

There was a lot of playing and Mick came to cuddle the puppies again.....

Mick in the ren

As promised the head and stand photos at 6 weeks.

Green Boy 6 weeks

Green Boy

more under: more photo's

more photo?s

28 july 2010

Six weeks all ready, and they getting doggies more and more.....
Today plenty of visitors. The pups like that.....can they put their sharp teeth in someone else ;-)
Luke spent a great part of the afternoon with the puppies and he likes that so much, we cannot give him a greater pleasure :-) He is so gentle with them it's a pleasure to look at!

We removed the whelping box and placed a bench instead, they did find it funny for a while but soon they all went to sleep....

Anne, Wouter and Deb came to look at the puppies again so we put them on the table and also made photos of cause!!

Miss Blue (dot)

Miss Blue 9 (dot) head

Thanks a million you all!!

not all photos are good (not sharp) so we will do them again tomorrow. I will place all standphotos tomorrow.

more photo?s

27 july 2010

It's late again but I still wanted to write something here
The vet checked them all and vaccinated them this morning. All have a clean bill of health, so that's wonderful! I wasn't worried there would be something the matter, but you never know.....
None of the puppies had any trouble of the chipping or the vaccination.
The played all day in the garden and they start to bark when they are in the puppy room if they have go for a pee!!

playing in the garden

Ton with his puppies ;-)

They are truly "Just Add Water" doggies ;-)) [935}

26 july 2010

Another busy day for the puppies. They played a lot, especially with 'big brother' Luke
but the love to run through the house and sometimes you run into the vacuum cleaner, but that's no problem!

De puppies wanted to go outside but it was raining. And when they were out there it started to rain again... so Ashley and I build a sort of Igloo tent of plastic so they could stay there. Later Ton and I placed a party tent, so they can go out again tomorrow and have a party ;-))

They are chipped today and tomorrow the vet will come to vaccinate and examine them.
Pff.....their leaving is coming close now....

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25 july 2010

Today we introduced them with the bench; they were very relaxed about it. One after the other they went in to sit or lay in it....no problem!

in the bench

They were very busy playing today, they get so clever!
When we finished eating we take our bowl to the kitchen...hihi

now and again we take a sit and rest ;-)
they are so cute!!

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24 july 2010

Do you arrange a tunnel for the puppies.....are the visitors going trough!! Daphne,Tom, Mick and Julie came to visit and they were going crazy when the tunnel came in :-)
Mick thought mama most go through.....

Hey Mama
and that went ok!

Yeh Mama
, he went after mum.....

now Mick!
en in the end the puppies could go through :-)

and now me....
They love it :-)
Mick loves the little doggies!! Went in the puppy-ren to
cuddled them


Mama Flair doesn't mind all that and is still enjoying being around her kids

more photo?s

23 july 2010

The pups are getting more and more active and like the garden very much, they are most of the time there now.
If it's not raining then, which was the case today ;-)

in the garden

Also they like to go to the front of the house to go for the toilet training when they done eating. They like playing out there as well. They run in and out and found the basket with toys. They picked the duck and find it marvelous!


If mam comes to check if all her kids are there, Luke comes with her to play with them. They like him very much, the take a run towards him :-)

Luke is there :-)

What a great doggies!!!!

more photo?s

21 july 2010

The whole day two of Ton sisters were here to visit the puppies. That was very nice but I did not get to take much photo's. The puppies were in the garden again and the tent was appreciated ;-)

The toilet training is coming on well, and they find it very interesting to go out there. A lot of people and other dogs come to see them and they like that very much ;-)
From all the attention you get very tired.....

Green Boy in relax stand ;-)

or like this ....

20 july 2010

5 weeks today!!! We find it time to teach the puppies toilet training. So we made a space outside the puppy room and let them go out after their food to go for a wiwi and pooh. And they do!
That?s saves a lot of cleaning ;-)))

We place a tent in the puppy-ren in the backyard, but it was too hot today to let them play in it, so they can do that tomorrow

Yesterday evening Anne and Wouter and Deb and Nicole came to visit the puppies. We took pictures of the puppies and asked Anne her opinion of the litter, she thinks their beautiful! Thank you Anne :-)

Miss Blue

more stand photo?s under; more photo's

more photo?s

19 july 2010

A bit late, but here we are....;-)
De pups are outside a lot and enjoy being there.
Luke, their big brother is playing a lot with them and he is so sweet, he will miss them enormously

Ton made a tray for the food bowls and it works perfectly!

Just so lovely to have him a round to make all those things ;-)

18 july 2010

While Jeannette and I went with all dog 'men' to Luxembourg, where we did splendid! Ton and Ashley stayed behind to take care of the puppies and Flair.
They enjoyed the garden again and played a lot but it?s also very nice to have our sleep out here ;-)

Ton is enjoying our little ones very much :-)

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17 july 2010

It was a busy day with visitors today :-)
This morning Maud, Joost and Joyce and this afternoon Carolien, Reinier and children and as icing on the cake Daphne, Tom and the grand children :-)
Mick liked the little doggies, first he had to see but then he came loss ;-)

Julie came with them of cause, the first visit to grandma and pa and all doggies!
She was lying in the arms of granny (and she didn't mind ;-))

The babies got very tired of all the attention and slept the rest of the afternoon and evening......

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16 july 2010

Today all puppies went out for the first time all together.
We took them separately in the garden but now they all went ;-) Mama went with them to take an eye on them, what a super mummy she is :-)

In the beginning it was a bit strange for them, but in a while they were playing, and mum played to ;-)

more photos

15 july 2010

This afternoon Melissa and Sterre came to cuddle with the puppies, they have enjoyed the 9 little ones very much :-)
They told me in advance that I should count the puppies when leaving, thinking of smuggle one with them!
Well...; I told them that's good to know so I can sears you by leaving....haha

The puppies came in the living again. Luke loves that; he can?t get enough of them. Ah....the sweet boy ;-)))

Did I write about the heredity of green boy.... well Miss Cyclaam has the same. Isn't she a sweety :-))

like daddy

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14 july 2010

We wanted to go outside with the puppies but it was so hot again that we decided to stay in.
We did take them in the living again en now and again we take them separately :-)

Of cause the 'big puppy' Luke comes to play ;-)

We can see the hereditary habit of daddy in green boy, always sleeping on his back

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13 july 2010

Four weeks are they now, how the time flies! In about four weeks they all go to their new owners....
It such great fun with them, I shall miss it!
Today we took them to the kennel in the living. That was for some of them a bit strange, the others did not seem to mind. We think it's good to for them to get used to more rooms in the house. We will build it op so that it will be normal for them to be here as well.

We gave them the worm treatment for the second time and that went quite easy again! Marvellous :-)
We took pictures of their heads again today, will place one here the others are under; more photo's

Orange 4 weeks

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12 july 2010

When we clean the puppy room we do them in the box, but that's not what they want anymore ;-) First they wait and see what happens but after a while they want to get out!

It's funny to see how clever they are, they all ready now when it's about time for the bowl of food, they eat with great taste and clean their bowls out in now time ;-)
Daddy comes more often now; he wanted to stay with them this afternoon. Funny to see he is getting more interested in them now.

Deb and Nicole, the ladies who were with us for the delivery, came to puppy cuddle ;-)

Deb with pup and daddy

The nails are cut again, thank Deb!

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11 july 2010

After the deception of the losing of Orange at the WC, the puppies brought the laugh on our faces again.
They are so cute!
They play a lot now and they are inviting us to play with them too ;-)

Flair is trying to share her food with the puppies by vomiting, but we can convince her not to ;-)
Every time after her meal she wants to go to her babies, first check if they are all there and then she tries to share her meal....well we don't think so...:-)
We feed them 4 times per day and that?s quite enough Flair!
When mum comes in we all hang under her tummy,
apparently that?s more comfy......

Today we had puppy visitors, we enjoyed that very much.

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10 july 2010

What a relieve we still can have the airco of Martin, he is puffing at home but he won't have it that the pups are troubled with this heat. That?s so sweet of him!!
De little ones are growing well and become real mini doggies, the play more and more and when we come they run towards us, soo cute!
Today we brought them a new toy and they went playing immediately

We feed them all nine together; now we see they are staying by their own bowl, and that went well!

The boys are still very amused with their own bath and the sprinkler

water feast

Daphne has mastitis and bruised her SI joint; is on antibiotics and painkillers and is feeling better now. There are some things they need to sort out just to be sure there is nothing else behind it.
Julie is doing well!

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09 july 2010

Yesterday I did not had time to write my little story of the day. Daphne's baby happiness took another turn!
I was at Suzan's to visit the babies of Joep x Jinne, beautiful/happy litter :-), when I received a call that Daphne had fever and was not feeling well! They took off to the hospital, to find out what was wrong and start treatment...... Well!!! That was a bit of a shock, so I jumped in the car to drive to the hospital. I came home this night, Daphne is still there and they started antibiotics, we have to wait and hope she will feel better soon. Julie is doing fine is satisfied and growing well :-)

Our babies are doing great! They did had a lot of visitors the past days, and it can make you very tiered ;-)
Miss Turquoise fell a sleep in her bowl with porridge.....

The puppies can play outside the box now as well, we enlarged the playground, but they like to go to sleep there to ;-)

09 july 2010

Boy o boy what a temperature!!!
Everything at ease, we noticed that today with the pups to.
They like the extra space and lay here and there....
But now and again they climb in the box to look for the favorite toy
, isn't she adorable ;-)
And when we sit we look like this

If we give Flair something to eat or chew she wants to take this to her babies! First she is laying it by them and in a while she eats it with her babies around her.

The boys have thought of a way to beat the heat, haha.....they have their own water party ;-)

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07 july 2010

While everyone is watching soccer, we watch puppies!
We can?t get enough, so wonderful!
This morning while I was cleaning the box and the doggies were around me, I see green boy sitting, such a sweet head he has

When they were back in the box I see a puppy in the toy I brought from Germany, like a rolled beef, hahaha!
They love this toy! Not long after that the two boys are laying in it like the 'duo fantastico '.....haha, so funny!

duo fantastico

The puppies eat well behaved from the bowls, I'm impressed.....

And after eating the look like this ;-)

lovely snout

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06 july 2010

Three Weeks!! How fast it goes!
We enjoy our nine-fold so much! And Flair does to, she looks so happy when the pups are lying with her :-)

happy with her kids

When we clean the box we cannot put the puppies in the basket anymore, the climb out.... so now we put them on Flairs cushion, but we still have to watch out :-)

We gave the porridge in their own bowl today, three by three, and that went well! I'm so proud of the little blacknoses :-)

And.....if the little ones are done....the 'big puppies' come to clean the bowls ;-)

big puppies ;-)

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05 july 2010

The past night we were noisy again? Mam came to feed us, but we were not satisfied.....
So it seems, so today we started to give them porridge.
Pfff......that?s something else ;-) We want to suck not lick, but after a while they got the hang of it ;-)
It's getting quite crowded now at mums Brest now they get bigger and bigger....

full house :-)

They also found a new way to sleep; have to laugh about it when I see them with the head on the rand

Angelique and Martin came home from Portugal and did not see them for a while.
They could not believe their eyes, the turned in to doggies they said!! And they are, they become real cute little doggies...... and we have teeth!

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04 july 2010

I did not spend too much time with the puppies today; went with daddy Joep to a show in Germany.
But....all help here tell me they played a lot today.
They like the toys in the box and like to go to sleep with it too :-)

There was puppy visit and......the boss took a nice new toy from Germany home!

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03 july 2010

The puppies are doing super, play more and more but do sleep a lot to.
Today they were very exploring; first we took the hill test ;-)
later they were laying on the rand...ha-ha,
they are so much fun!
The puppy visit has started; last weekend Udo and Eline came and visit the puppies, today Pauline and Quirine with her grandparents, so nice!
The pups still like the box, although miss yellow took a jump, luckily Ton was sitting in front of the box and cached her on his back ;-)) So we made the entrance higher!

Daphne and Julie are doing fine :-)

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02 july 2010

The pups are very playful with each other and react on the surrounding more and more.
Tonight we went in the puppy room, to cuddle the puppies, and they reacted very well on our voices :-)
We gave them some toys, which they liked very much and went playing immediately.

We took a picture of a boy and a girl together so that you can see the difference ;-)

And.....It?s feast!!!

This morning JULIE is born, the cutest little girl!

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01 july 2010

We notice the puppies are getting more active now. Mostly they sleep and drink but they are playing now as well!
A view days I saw they were trying but since today the actual play.....so cute :-)


Now they getting bigger and bigger it?s crowded at mum?s milk bar. But one girl was very smart and put her tiny legs round mum?s leg! How clever is that ;-)

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30 june 2010

Ah...they are so cute! This morning I had a bit of a scare though, one of the little girls tried to climb out of the box!
So we now have made the entrance of the box higher, it's a bit inconvenient for Flair but she will tell when she wants to go in.
They are much more exploring now, trying to climb on the rand of the box one after the other ;-)
I think tomorrow when I come in I don?t have to be surprised one of them is standing on the rand ;-)
I have to laugh about them....
While we all having a hard time during this heat, they all having a good sleep in their climate controlled room :-)
So sweet!

Tonight mister brown clime on the pillow Flair lays her head on while feeding, and went to sleep, how clever is that ;-)

Daphne is still waiting to start her labor...... it's getting very exciting.....

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29 june 2010

Fourteen days already!
How time flies, the little moles are turning in to mini doggies. This morning we took photos of their heads.
I will place one here and the others you can find under more photos.

Miss Lime

They also needed the first worm treatment, which gave us the silly faces parade :-)
But...they didn't seem to mind it so much. What a great doggies...hihihi

worm treatment

Today is the day Daphne's baby is due, but all is quite so she came to visit the puppies.
It won?t take long now before her/their new life will make its entrance and we can admire that :-)
Very exciting though

Daphne Babies :-)

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28 june 2010

The best place to be nowadays is in the puppy room, not only because we love to be with the puppies but the climate is very good there with the air co around!
The puppies like it to and did sleep and relaxed most of the day ;-)
Mum comes around to fill the empty stomach, but likes to stay more with us now.
She is very alert and when she hears a sound she immediately goes to her babies.
More and more eyes are open, not with all.
But that will come soon.......

eyes open

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27 june 2010

Boy, o boy it was so very warm today! Flair did not want to nurse her babies so much, although we did try to keep her cool. Martin, our son, came later in the day and found it very warm in the puppy room, so he went home to fats his air co. Now we can keep the room in at certain temperature! Marvelous!! It's so much comfortable now :-)
Our daughter Maaike was with us the whole day, she said ?I come to cuddle the puppies', and she did!!
She also made a beautiful garland for us which are hanging with the puppies.

This to replace the garlands we had hanging with; Hurray it?s a girl and Hurray it?s a boy.
People carefully asked; are there twins born, grandchildren maybe?
So Ton said noooo........nine babies!
Well that gave us funny looks!....hihi
It's getting quite exciting for us these days ; our daughter Daphne is having her second child any day now!
Aren?t we blessed with so much new life....?

Luke must do ?puppy cuddles' too, he loves them!!

Luke with puppy

By two of the puppies we see the eyes come open for a bit.
Now the others will open theirs soon to, I'm curious how the will look then.....

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26 june 2010

The past night everyone was quiet now we made it cooler for the puppies. Lovely, I did get some sleep!
Now and again I did check how they were ;-))
It's still very warm for mum and kids. We place a cooling mat on Flair, when she is nursing her puppies which she loves.
The puppies are lying very relaxed now the box is cooler.

Flair with coolingmat!

Flair has no longer problems with the 'man' around.
Indy came to visit and our 'big puppy' Luke.
Luke LOVES the puppies and hangs round the whelping box ;-) Or he decides to lay in front of it, waiting for mum to finish the nursing :-)

Luke visiting

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25 june 2010

The past night was less noisy, thank god..
I noticed they made a lot of noise after they had been drinking.
Saskia called this morning to inform and give me advice, so I told her. She thinks they probably are to warm.
Mother and pups are getting quite warm while feeding.
So we make sure it will be cooler this night.
The little ones are moving around and do strange things; they scared me by hanging with their head over the pipe in the whelping box! So this morning we removed the pipes. Our good friend Frank came and made another construction. Thanks Frank, Super!

the new adjustments in the box

Joep came in again and sniffed on his daughter Miss Blue, how sweet is that ;-))

Miss blue with daddy

Ah...my heart overflows when I see all little black noses....

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24 june 2010

The pups slept all day!
It doesn?t surprise me; they kept me awake all night, waggle trough the box and I would say playing, quite loud??
So I hope they will behave this night and go on playing in the morning ;-)
Ton sleeps and doesn?t notice any of this.
We have cut their nails today for the first time.
I can?t get enough of the puppies, and when they are lying so sweet together, I?m so touched :-)

Joep has visited his kids today.
So sweet?.he sniffed and looked so dearly.

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23 june 2010

It's funny to see the puppies waggle on their little legs ;-)
I have tried to get it on the photo, but maybe it doesn't come over right.

on her feet

The names on the pedigree are applied for.
Because our affix is based on water and Flair is called River Dee on her pedigree, we chose for River Songs!
For the girls:
Just Add Water River of Time,
Just Add Water River of Love,
Just Add Water River of Souls,
Just Add Water River of Lullaby,
Just Add Water River of Freedom,
Just Add Water River of Now Return,
Just Add Water River Roll On.

For the boys:
Just Add Water Dog River Blues,
Just Add Water the River of Dreams.

The other dogs are allowed to come closer now.
Flair let them smell and hear the little ones.
In a little while they can meet their new family members ;-)

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22 june 2010

The pups are a week old now! How fast time goes....
You can see how they have grown, especially when they are with Flair.

look, all for me ;-)

The weights are double now and they begin to put their legs under.
Were they crawling trough the box, now it begins to look like walking ;-)
I keep wondering about the drinking part on their backs, it doesn't look easy to me ;-)

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21 june 2010

Flair got a lot of visitors on her birthday!
Also from our daughter Maaike and son in law Vincent, who just arrived from Italia.
They were totally knockdown of the appearance of the little ones; it was hard for them to stay in the living room ;-)))
I?m still spending a lot of time with the puppies, can?t get enough of them. Ton says we can get writ of the TV ;-))
En than the strangest ways of falling in sleep, on her mummy's tail
or on our back just like daddy :-)

on his back ;-)

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20 june 2010

Joep had father?s day today ;-)
He already was father for several times, but never before were his kids so close by.
He is very curious about them, Flair allows him to watch when we weigh them but then he must leave ;-)
Today, while Ton was having a walk with Flair, he sneaked in, was sniffing very carefully and was lying down before the whelping box.
SO sweet!
Joep is a sweet daddy; we can see that every day now Luke, his son, is living with us. He is very patient and sweet with him, I am very curious how he will be with the puppies in a view weeks......

puppies today

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19 june 2010

Today was the game workshop with Indy, and I really wanted to go. Flair noticed the 'work outfit ' and me taking the gundog bag.
She was convinced we were going to gundog training...
Ton was here to look after the doggies and when he was going to the woods Jeannette would take his 'shift' ;-)
She likes to, is enjoying the puppies very much.
So I took off with Indy and we agreed they would call me if there was something wrong.
But....mum and babies did excellent...
You can see them grow, and they feel nice and firm :-)
Boy...how proud can you be!!
Never thought I would like this SO much!!!!

sleeping together

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18 june 2010

Everything is great; the pups are growing and look satisfied.
The past night was very relaxed, Flair didn't have to go out, so I did had some sleep ;-)
The new whelping box Ton had to make in a hurry is placed and you can tell it?s much more comfortable for Flair. She can stretch-out now.
The whole day they sleep or drink, it?s very busy at the milk bar :-)

It's all so sweet; we have to look all day!
Ones in a while we can catch the moment.....

Miss Yellow

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17 june 2010

The past night Flair was restless, but now because of diarrhea. She needed to go out for several times, but she did it in a hurry to be reunited with her puppies soon.
It's not that strange for her to have diarrhea, she eat the placenta's and she did not eat for several days before the delivery, so her system needs to adjust.
But since noon everything seems to be good again!

This morning she noticed 'her' hole again!
Stood in it sticking her bum out ;-)
She must have thought; hey....this is where I suppose to have my puppies!
So when we cleaned the whelping box and the puppies were laying in a basked, she picked up little 'miss petit' to take her to her hole!
Well....we could not agree with her....;-)

pups in basket

So now she is lying in the whelping box with a pillow under her head. We borrowed the box from Riet who breeds Labradors, but it seems to be a bit too short. She cannot stretch-out well, so Ton is making a new one for her now.

Joep hears the noises of the puppies for two days now, and sneeked in to see for him self. He looked so full of love at them, unbelieveble!! Flair came to give him a kiss but then he had to leave....

Joep visit Flair

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16 june 2010

Flair is so excited about her babies, she didn't sleep at all!!
She was too busy cleaning and watching over them....
I now dogs are not supposed to count, but I would think she is counting them!
She is so sweet and cute with them!

Flair and babies

Her appetite is coming back, I'm glad because that had my concern, but she is starting to eat again, so that?s a relieve.
The puppies all gained weight and all look satisfied?..
If mum is here we like to lay with her ;-)

two girls between mums legs

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15 june 2010

Again a restless night with Flair, she had to go out several times and it was obvious the delivery was close.
When she wanted to go out in the garden at 6.00 I noticed she was pushing!!
So I took her to the whelping box and called our friends Deb and Nicole, who came to help us with the birth.
They came within 15 min. and at 6.30 the first pup was born, a boy and 30 min. later another boy was born.
Flair loved her pups and watched closely over them.
15 min. later a girl was born and after another 15 min. another girl was there! Unbelievable four puppies in one hour!
We took Flair out for a bit, but she hurried home to her puppies.
At 7.55 another girl was born, and 30 min. later the fourth girl was born. She hardly had time to clean this one because girl number five came 10 min. later!
Then Flair had so time to catch up......
At 9.20 girl number 6 came and at 10.30 the last puppy was born, another girl!

All nine ;-)

Wow....what a great event! Flair is very carefull and loves her babies.
The vet came and checked Flair and the puppies and they all looked healthy.

the vet looks them over....

almost the whole bunch!

watch the photos

14 june 2010

The past night Flair was very restless and needed to go out for several times. The food was rejected again and she had to puke too.
All signs it wound be long now.
Her temperature stays 37.5 and doesn't go down yet....
Someone tipped us Flair would maybe like 'Danootje' and she did eat 2 portions, with long teeth but never the less it did go in :-)
The whole day she was restless and wanted to dig a lot.
We now filled the whelpingbox with newpapers and sheets so she can dig there to ;-)
She did like that and stayed in there for quite some time.
She is resting now.....we'll wait and see...

13 june 2010

Because everything was still at ease with Flair we decided to go to Almere for the show. We could be home in 30 min. if there where any changes.
So I took Flair to our daughter this morning, who has to give birth soon too, so the ladies could feel for each other ;-)
We stayed in contact....
Flair did not wanted to eat again, view slices of sausage. She mostly slept and sometimes went in the garden with our grandson Mick.
When we got home we could confine Flair to eat some chicken :-)

12 june 2010

Because Flair didn't want to eat again, and her temperature still is normal, I decided to boil some chicken to see if she would like that.
And yes.....she started to eat! pff, that made me happy.
She does not want to chew or take a dog candy..... but that's fine, if she eats I'm satisfied.
The weather is not so clam now and we notice she is catching up. She slept almost the whole day.
There were some visitors, especially for her (and daddy), but she didn't take much notice of them (but daddy didn't mind, he enjoyed the special attention very much!)
And, we all felt the babies ;-)

11 june 2010

The warm and clammy weather is not helping very much and makes it tough on Flair.....
This morning she only eats a small part of the meat, leaving the rest. At noon she eats the rest, not much of an appetite though.....
Puffing and digging that?s how she fills her days...
Her temperature stays normal, it's still early, so we wait and see.
There's a lot of movement in her belly :-)

09 june 2010

The past night Flair was up and about and I was a bit worried she would start whelping, that would be early...
But, it was quite warm so we think that was the problem.
We tried to chill her, but she was too restless...
She is out of breath quickly and even snores now!
Yesterday I started to take her temperature.
Her appetite is nearly gone; she only takes bits of meat now.
She is so fat; there is hardly room for food I think.

8 weeks pregnant

08 june 2010

It's obvious it will not take long now. Her belly is still getting bigger and sags, now is 86 cm!
In a week.....exciting!!
Flair does not like her food so much, never thought we would see that with her, she is a pig and eats everything normaly :-)
So we spoil her with little bits of meat or puppy brocks during the day, and that will go in after all.

The moment she goes into the garden, she goes to 'her' hole to dig more and more.
Luke thinks it's a wonderful game and digs along with her :-)

05 june 2010

Flair is in the last part of her pregnancy, and it shows.
Ze is having a bit of an hard time with this warm weather, and is resting a lot now.
The width her belly now is 81 cm!
She still likes her food very much!
The maternity room is finished, so we are ready for it, but......we have to be patient ;-)

01 june 2010

Flair is doing ok and her belly is growing well. She still goes with us for the walks en she likes her food!
Only about two weeks to go and the puppies will be born :-)

almost 7 weeks pregnant

22 may 2010

Flair is doing quite well and her belly is already nicely round.
We are very curious how many little ones are in there!

14 may 2010

Today the ultrasound showed Flair is in whelp!

17 april 2010

Joep has mated Flair.
The puppies are expected round 17 June.

31 march 2010

Flair came in season!